Stranger Things 2 – Everything we expect when the world goes upside down!




A boy goes missing and it all begins! The strangest thing about the eerie horror pastiche, Stranger Things, was definitely not the Ghost buster costumes. From supernatural to paranormal everything you ever imagined all balled into a series that did blow off our minds, and became a full-fledged culture phenomenon since its debut last year. Guess what! They are coming back with their new season slated for Halloween’17.  It looks October 31 will be spookier than usual in 2017. This is what we’ve gathered from the impending  trailer:

1. One year older but none the wiser

The series takes a time jump of a whole year and is set in the time of Halloween in 1984, hence the ghostbuster costumes in the trailer. While the kids are still trying to recover from the events of the past year, Will’s health and and terrifying visions of the hellish dimension could be the matter of concern in the new season.

“Nancy and Mike are both the most screwed-up because they’re the ones who both lost someone. They’re both grappling with that, and we see the effects,” co-creator Matt Duffer said to Entertainment Weekly.

2. Eleven is Back and How?!

Ofcourse, she will be back and in a big way! She is and will always be a major part of the series, but Matt wants to play around with some mystery when it comes to talking about Eleven’s appearance in the new season. However, Bobby Brown’s Instagram post in October last year posing with David Habour confirmed the news.

While the trailer gives away very little in this department, the bleeding nose and wide eyes could only mean more trouble in little Hawkins. It is rumoured that she will not make an appearance until later into the season during episode 8, ‘The secret cabin’ and it just gets murkier from before.  Let’s just hope we get to see her more than what’s been anticipated.

3. Brownie Points for Fans – 9 episodes, instead of 8

With the trailer releasing names of nine episodes for this season, we can expect it to be stronger, edgier as compared to the first season. What is attention grabbing is that episode 1 ‘Madmax’ is the only episode missing a ‘The’ in its title and what episode 3 of season 1(Holly jolly) taught us is that when the ‘THE’ is missing, the story only gets darker and juicier.

  • Madmax
  • The boy who came back to life
  • The Pumpkin Patch
  • The Palace
  • The Storm
  • The Pollywog
  • The Secret Cabin
  • The Brain
  • The Lost Brother

Now that we’ve the tentative list of episodes, it’s time to go bizarre with fan theories, uh! The Duffer brothers have revealed that some of the fan theories are right or very close, and it’s enticing to see that fans were able to figure the stuff out just based on the chapter titles. However, some of these titles are expected to change in the final telecast.

4. The Fleet of New Characters

While most of the characters from the previous season are expected to return, two new characters will be introduced this season and we cannot wait to see what horrors they bring to the storyline. The Duffer brothers have not only suggested during their interviews that the story will feel like a sequel, they have also assured that the viewers will be treated to a wider geographical story line as they venture out of Hawkins. Wonder what the big, bad world outside of Hawkins will be like.


A 12 year old girl, Max, played by American Odyssey’s actress Sadie Sink, is described as confident, tough and a tomboy. She will befriend Mike, Lucas, Will and Dustin. You will see her moving around the town in her skateboard as her preferred mode of transport. Could she be the highlight of the first episode called Maxmax?


Max’s older step brother, Billy is played by Power Rangers’ actor, Darcre Montgomery. Billy is described as unpredicted, overconfident and muscular, who steals girlfriends and drives Camaro.


The third new addition to the cast is Roman plated by the Danish actress Linnea Berthelsen. Described as emotionally damaged lady who a great loss at an early age and has been seeking revenge ever since.

5. The Boy who came back to Life

Will is back and the trailers show a confusion of visions, a close up of the paper clipping that reads, ‘The boy who came back to life ‘(and is from an episode of the previous season), traumatic memories of the upside down world and vomiting alien slugs, Will has a lot on his platter to deal with. One theory suggests that the monster might have managed to turn Will evil – a little far-fetched, but definitely a possibility.    

 ‘Curiouser and curiouser ‘, isn’t it?

And let us not forget the scary monster that makes its debut through a sketch before his actual appearance. What is this monster? Is that just a vision or more? Why is will being diagnosed in a scary looking glass chamber? Is a cleaning team on its way to Hawkins to rid it of the demons of the Demogorgon fiasco? Are we going to get straight facts about ‘Upside down ‘and what goes on in there?  Do we really want to find out?

Set up your Netflix accounts and bring out the popcorn bowls because this nail biter is set to release soon and we simply cannot wait!


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